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A Skilled Local Real Estate Attorney In Connecticut

Attorney Douglas Lilly has served the local community as a residential and commercial real estate attorney assisting clients with purchasing and settling down in Connecticut. His clients come to him because he helps them quickly and efficiently close on their properties with minimal hassle, all while providing hands-on attention to the transaction.

A Connecticut Attorney Can Help You Navigate The Legal Process

Connecticut law does not require that all real estate transactions involve an attorney, however, there are some transactions that do. If you are the purchaser and you are required to have title insurance, you will need the services of an attorney. Additionally, there are some elements of a real estate transaction that can be considered similar to practicing law, and only an attorney is permitted to do those. Because of these requirements, most real estate transactions will need to involve an attorney in at least some aspect of the process.

There are other pitfalls in the real estate process that you will need to watch out for. Did you know that giving advice or representing the interest of someone else in a real estate transaction can constitute practicing law? If you help someone by drafting a document for them to use, or if you give them advice or counsel that would meet the statutory definition of practicing law in Connecticut, then you could be in violation of the law and have committed a class D felony. That could carry up to a $5,000 fine or five years in prison or both.

Get Attorney Douglas Lilly To Help You With Your Real Estate Transaction Today

The best way to avoid all of these problems is to use the services of a real estate attorney. Particularly when it comes to real estate closing, you should use an attorney to protect yourself and ensure a smoother transaction. Whether you are a commercial purchaser looking to buy a large industrial building or a residential purchaser looking for a new home, attorney Lilly is ready to help you. Call his office today at 475-265-2021 or contact him online and get your free initial consultation scheduled with him. He can meet you in his office or at another location more convenient for you, so don’t wait, call today.